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Chipman Annexation

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In July of 2007, the Municipal Council of Chipman was approached by a company that recognized the potential for successful growth and development in the area. Initial investigations of Triland/Chipman Development Corporation (CDC) led to plans for development of a multi-year master-planned community offering affordable housing and real estate development for the targeted annexation lands together with an amenity package for the Village of Chipman

Triland/CDC confirmed their commitment to the community by purchasing several pieces of land in and surrounding the Village, physically restoring some commercial properties, developing a playground, and committing to construction of new buildings. To date the developer has made an investment in the Chipman community in excess of $12M.

Following ongoing discussions between representatives of Triland/Chipman Development Corporation, Lamont County and the Village of Chipman, a meeting was arranged at the request of the developer to consider the possibility of annexing the lands in question into the Village of Chipman. On August 20th 2008 a formal request for annexation was introduced by the Developer to the Council of Lamont County Council and the Council of the Village Chipman.

With the support of Lamont County, the Village of Chipman submitted an application to the Municipal Government Board to annex 14 quarter sections of land from Lamont County. The Municipal Government Board (MGB) conducted two public hearings (April 8, 2009 and October 14, 2009) in response to the application, and a formal Board decision/report is pending. Final approval for annexation rests with the Lieutenant Governor in Council upon considering the recommendations of the MGB.

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